I am a certified psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist. I graduated in 2003 with a master’s degree in psychology and since then, I have been working with autistic children and I have also been practising psychotherapy in various settings. ( NUIG  - Galway, Let’s  Get Talking  - Galway, Private practice – Galway).

 In 2016 I attained my diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Gestalt therapy is a form of approach that puts emphasis on personal responsibility, growth, and change. The goal of this form of therapy is to be able to experience the present, gain awareness of the personal, environmental and social contexts of life. Throughout sessions, people become aware and accepting of their feelings, behaviours and coping strategies called ‘’creative adjustments’’.

I work with children, adolescents, and adults. My aim as a therapist is to give the right guidance towards self-improvement, self - care. I ensure that the space between the clients and I, is a safe space in which they can discover themselves and overcome their obstacles.

Some of these obstacles may be:



-eating disorders




-life crises (illness, divorce, loss)


My role as a therapist: I am responsible for creating a space for you as a client. Where you can discover yourself, your needs, your desires, and creative adjustments. That space is called a therapeutic relationship and it is created by me and you. There is a concept of „awareness ‘’ and ‘HERE and NOW” and both of them are very attractive. Why? Sometimes experiences of the past are obstacles in feeling, seeing a current moment as it is. Only gaining an awareness of your own process allows you to be present in a moment. I am working with:
- relationships, difficulties in relationships,
- addictions, low self-esteem,
- life crises (illness, divorces, loss, bereavement),
- trauma, depression,
- eating disorders,
- anxiety and panic,
- personal growth.


It is a form of support for people who have a problem and are not sure what to do with it. Counselling is focused on problem solving. At times counselling can develop into psychotherapy. And bigger changes can be introduced into the person’s life.

Sometimes people need a space to share their problems, affairs, doubts, ideas, struggles. The counselling session can be an opportunity to get that space and support.

If you feel that you need this kind of space where you can share in safe, supportive and confidential way, contact us.

Sometimes you need to look at Life from a different perspective.

I am inviting you to get a support if you need a change in your life.