Career Guidance
Career Guidance is an interpersonal process that helps people to make career choices. Planning your life career is a process of: making choices, making decisions, adapting to new situations, coping with promotion and extending knowledge. Career it is a process that influences all your life and effects your other life roles.
Difficulties that are influencing your career development may belong to the following categories:

  • Unable to make decisions,
  • Difficulties in finding the right career path,
  • Problems with job duties performing,
  • Stress management
  • Problems with adaptation
  • Lack of coherence between you and work environment
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Wrong connection between your career and your other life roles e.g. : mother, wife, father, husband.

Individual sessions includes:
- Analysis of your needs,
- Recognition of initial career goals,
- Defining attitude towards future,
- Sell perception,
- Defining career difficulties,
- Personal career diagnosis based on your life and professional experience, education, trainings your professional and non-professional skills, talents, your interests.

Group career counselling includes:
- Methods of finding the job,
- Preparing for interview,
- Preparing applications documents.

We will help you to find and plan your personal path

Career requires investment in yourself, further education and improving already gained skills. Investment is needed in order to be more attractive on the market. Each career is unique, special and depends on your decisions. It is dynamic and it is developing through your whole life. Question : What type of investment have you recently made in order to develop your career?

Who was a promotor of that process?

How are you scoring those actions?

Career planning requires your own actions, not waiting for a miracle to happen.

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