Counselling and therapy are two different things. Counselling is mainly focused on problem solving and learning different techniques on handling problems. It also tends to be more short-term.

Therapy on the other hand, is more long term and it focuses on a broader range of problems.

Both counselling and therapy offer a safe, confidential, non-judgmental supportive space with the best care from highly qualified specialists.

If you feel that you need this kind of support, contact us.

If you are experiencing any of listed below:

  • Depression
  • Difficulties in understanding yourself
  • Child behaviour problems/issues
  • Bulling at home/ workplace/school
  • Burn out, Stress, Exhaustion
  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Difficulties with choosing the right partner
  • Anger, aggression, violence
  • Shame , Shyness
  • Loneliness
  • Communication difficulties…..….contact us.

We are offering support in regaining harmony in your life.
We provide professional conduct and confidentiality.